Therapy for LGBTQ+ Issues

Are you exploring your sexual orientation or gender identity? Are you thinking about coming out or beginning gender transition? Do you have questions about your life and relationships as someone who is not straight or cisgender? 


Your identity development process as someone who is LGBTQ+ is 100% healthy and natural but not always easy, depending upon the level of support available to you in your environment. With this in mind, I offer an approach centered on LGBTQ+ health and wellness with the intention of celebrating and affirming this important part of who you are. 

I help clients address many topics, including:

  • Coming out and navigating outness

  • Coping with family rejection 

  • Recovering from harmful religion

  • Finding community and belonging

  • Support for difficult conversations

  • Coping with internalized oppression


  • Defining your sexuality

  • Sexual health and relationships

  • Sexual fluidity over the lifespan

  • Navigating biphobia and bi erasure

  • Navigating homophobia 


  • Defining your gender identity

  • Beginning hormone therapy

  • Pursuing gender affirming surgery

  • Managing gender dysphoria

  • Navigating transphobia

When working with transgender and gender expansive clients, I practice informed consent. Meaning, I support your right to live in your body as authentically as possible and to pursue medical transition, if desired, on a timeline that works for you. I am happy to provide affirming resources for medical gender transition and letters of support, as needed.


You deserve informed effective support. Are you ready for someone who gets it from day one?  Contact me now. You may also find the Athens Queer Collective​ to be a valuable resource. Are you a clinician looking to consult about providing LGBTQ+ affirming care? I can help. Let's talk.

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Contact & What to Expect

Ready to get started? Yay! Let's do this.


Because I'm often in session during the day, the best way to get in touch is to send me a message using this form. Your message goes directly to my inbox! From there, we'll get you scheduled.

Let me know good days and times to give you a call and I'll be in touch with you, soon! 

To prioritize our health and wellbeing, all sessions are being conducted remotely either via secure video session or by phone.