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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Hello, dear reader.

I'm coming at you tired and with a head cold from the kitchen table today. A lot of us have been down, lately. A lot has been going down. Fear has been spreading, especially in the sensitive worriers- or, as a friend suggested, "warriors"- such as myself. I'm writing to you with an invitation to RESIST the fear and embrace a fierce openness instead.

Fierce openness is not only seeing the problems that need fixing but seeing what's not wrong, as well. Fierce openness is paying attention to the good that's going on in spite of and, in some cases, in direct response to the scary and maddening. This is an invitation to keep your batteries charged, especially in times of stress, to do as you choose and please rather than as your fear would have you do. Depriving yourself of what you need to be healthy and happy doesn't serve any cause, least of all your health and wellbeing.

How are you really doing, right now? Read and respond to your signals like only you can. Find what nourishes and sustains you. Know what you have and use it for good, starting with yourself.

A phone with no charge can't make a call. Stay informed but in a way that suites you. If you feel called to take on activism, determine what activism looks like for you. Activism is, at a minimum, self-care. What's yours?

Self care is a process. It's something we re-evaluate over time, continually, day after day. Like so many other things, it's fluid. There's no right or wrong way... It's simply being attuned and easy on yourself.

Fear is a liar that will keep us hiding, fighting, and otherwise hijacking our self control (and health)- if we let it. Being fiercely open to your feelings and needs is the opposite of fear. If you can find a way to fan the flames of fierce openness, you'll be better able to discover and share your unique offerings. We need to connect with ourselves, each other, and our communities- in that order.

Go beyond taking care of yourself- give yourself permission to actively enjoy and seek pleasure in your life, even as there is much work to be done. You get to have both. You get to have it all. And, keep going in the face of fear.

On that note, I'm heading toward a hot shower and getting out of the house and away from the news for a bit. If you've been suffering, I hope you find some distance from that distress long enough to find what you really need... Remember, resistance starts from within.


Anna Belle

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