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Affirming Your Gender: How I Help

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

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As a trans affirming therapist who works with millennials, I work with people who are addressing their gender identity, often for the first time. Together, we create a safe space to explore their gender identity and expression so they can discover optimal gender health.

So, how does work this look? The particulars depend upon you and your gender identity development needs and goals for counseling.

Here are some things we can confidently and skillfully address:

- Clarify your current level of discomfort with your assigned gender, how it's been impacting you, and what you'd like to change.

- Build upon things that you are already doing that are working for you and let you know that you're on the right track. - Identify and pursue needed medical interventions, if applicable, and trans affirming providers (for things like starting hormone replacement therapy and/or gender confirming surgery).

- Help you feel more in tune with yourself and better able to express yourself with others (this may have been hard to do if you didn't feel comfortable with your gender in the past but it can be learned!).

- Connect you with local trans and, if applicable, LGBQ community (many of my clients enjoy meeting others with similar experiences at the Athens trans support group).

- Assist you in coming out over time, especially in certain areas, like work, home, and school, where many people want to have a plan.

- Celebrate the cool experiences that will happen, like looking and feeling more like yourself and being gendered correctly by others.

- Find relief and answers for the not so cool experiences that happen (transphobia is real and so is trans folks' resilience).

- Address all of the thoughts, feelings, and questions that accompany gender transition and change, in general, with zero judgement and an un-shockable therapist (that's me!).

By the time a person gets in touch with me, it's often after much- as in years of- internal struggle and debate. Your gender is something that's been on your mind and it's something that I couldn't possibly know more about than you. That's why I follow your lead and use the personal and professional tools available to aid in your goals.

I hope this provided a window into what trans affirming therapy looks like. I look forward to delving into more specific topics that I hope will be of particular interest to you right here in the future.

Supporting your journey is my passion. If you think I can be of assistance to you in your self discovery process, let me know.

Wishing you only good things, Anna Belle

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