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We Got This: The Year in Review

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

You inspire me. And, I hope it flows both ways. In this spirit of camaraderie and celebrating the good, I am happy to share the year in review this first full calendar year that Many Colors Counseling has been a part of the Athens community.

In January, like many of you, I was still coming to terms with the new administration when I started this blog with the hopes of regularly posting here. While that didn't come to fruition as I initially envisioned it, a great many good things did! Read on...

-An open letter to our representatives regarding LGBTQ+ rights, which I co-authored along with my colleague, Kate Morrissey, was published in The Flagpole in January. Forty local colleagues joined us in signing the letter which was mailed to our representatives here in Georgia (who I also got familiar with calling).

-The Athens Sexuality and Gender Network, a group I founded around the same time I founded Many Colors Counseling in 2016, grew to 45 members strong and is growing. It's a hub for local LGBTQ+ affirming resources, trainings, and other useful information (such as gathering signatures for advocacy letters!).

-Many Colors Counseling served as a community sponsor for Athens Pride 2017. Sadly, I was unable to attend (better luck next year!) but proud to be able to support this important local event.

-We had the first meetings of a local LGBTQ+ therapist peer support group I launched (because therapists need self care, too!), which I anticipate will also serve as a jumping off point for future activism (because our local therapists are amazing and want better for us).

-I was honored to be invited to serve as a panelist for our wonderful UGA LGBT Resource Center's events, Dinner with Professionals in September and Lunch with Leaders in November, where I had the privilege of meeting and visiting with other current and future leaders (I'm talking to you, students!).

-I was thrilled to be prominently featured in The Athens Trans Resource Guide as a local trans affirming therapist. This is a great word of mouth resource from verified sources where you can find trans affirming healthcare and other services in Athens.

Perhaps best of all, I got to work with many amazing people in my life, my clients and colleagues. I couldn't ask for a better job. And, be on the lookout, because there's much more to come...

Thank you for showing up! Let's keep doing this!

In Solidarity,

Anna Belle

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