• Anna Belle Wood

7 Steps to Put Yourself First

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

So, you are ready to put yourself first! Or, beyond ready. But, what does that really mean and what does that really look like for you?

Ask yourself the following questions. The answers are yours and yours alone. And, they will lead you to the actions needed to prioritize your health, wellbeing, and most important relationships.

After all, we are all social beings, meant to connect with ourselves and each other in unique ways. Here’s to finding your way.

Trust that your body and mind know what to do as you reflect on the following prompts:

1. Who do you prioritize in your life? Who do you plan your life around? During holidays and special events? Every day? How often are you one of these people?

2. What do you prioritize in your life? What do you base your life and routines around? What do you always somehow find a way to make time for? What do you put first?

3. Regardless of family and societal norms and expectations, what are your special occasions?

4. Regardless of family and societal norms and expectations, who are the special people in your life?

5. How do your past behaviors (the answers to 1 and 2) align with your authentic values (3 and 4)? What, if anything, needs to shift to better align with your authentic wishes?

6. How well do these people and things know their importance to you? These are the most important things in your life. Your own personal definition of what makes a life well lived. How can you more clearly show them and further nurture these relationships?

7. What makes someone or something one of the most well loved, cherished, special, and important things in your life? How can you invite or call in more of this quality or experience into your life?

I hope that these prompts prove helpful in clarifying and illuminating who and what is special to you in this one precious life that we have together and how you can put them first in your own authentic way.

Shifting your priorities and centering your life on you can bring up difficult feelings and reactions. Remember, your feelings and desires are valid and you are worth it. People who love you want you to put yourself first and do what you need to do to be happy and healthy.

That's it, for now, friends. When we make way for ourselves, we make room for new levels of health and happiness.

Please note: There is no shame in not knowing who you are and what you want. Self love and be hard to come by! I help clients access their worth and happiness- and cope with related distress. Send me a message if you think it might be helpful.

Be well!

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