The quality of our relationships determines so much about the quality of our wellbeing. Only, many of us were never taught this stuff at school or at home. No wonder it's so difficult and confusing!


What's more, some of us were taught to hate the very parts of ourselves required for closeness with others, such as our feelings, sexuality, or gender identity or expression. Therefore, many people find it helpful to talk about their relationship beliefs and behaviors with a LGBTQ+ affirming professional.


Love can look an infinite number of ways. However, it shouldn't hurt (see the chart below).

If you'd like to talk something over, you can request a time to meet by video here on my website. 

Healthy Relationship Behaviors

  • Talking about things openly, even when it's hard

  • Treating each other with kindness and respect, avoiding name calling

  • Asking questions and making requests of each other

  • Supporting each other's independent identities and relationships

  • Trusting each other 

  • Wanting to understand each other's unique experiences and differences

  • Desiring mutually beneficial solutions

  • Taking accountability for each person's part of the relationship

  • Seeking enthusiastic consent for all things physical and sexual

Unhealthy Relationship Behaviors

  • Withholding physical and emotional contact when things get tough

  • Resorting to name calling

  • Threatening to leave or divorce

  • Thinking you know what's 'best' for a partner, seeking to 'fix' or 'change' them

  • Preventing a partner from developing their own interests and relationships

  • Denying a partner's memory or perception of events

  • Blaming a partner for all or most relationship problems, failing to take any real accountability

  • Demanding a partner do things they are uncomfortable with

  • Physically hurting a partner

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Contact & Getting Started

Getting started is as easy as requesting a session here or using the links to the client portal at the top of this page. Want to ask me something else? Send me a message using this form. I'll be in touch!