Individual Therapy

Therapy for Anxiety

Are you a "worrier"? Do you wish you could just unwind, relax, and enjoy yourself like everyone else seems to do? Living with anxiety is exhausting but it doesn't have to rule your life. Therapy can help you restore control.

Effective anxiety management means that you- not your anxiety- is running the show in your life and relationships. You can respond to even your most difficult your symptoms with greater ease. Your self confidence and happiness can reach new levels. I can help you do this.

Therapy for Trauma

Are you tired of struggling with shame, self-loathing, and self doubt? Have you tried but things haven't gotten better on their own? Are your confidence and relationships starting to suffer? Are you thinking past trauma could be to blame and considering getting some support? 

If you're reading these words, right now, you're on the right track to feeling better. If you could have thought yourself better, by now, you would have. I understand how we are hurt and how we heal from trauma. This is not a life sentence. Things really can get much, much better.

Therapy for LGBTQ+ Issues

Are you exploring your sexual orientation or gender identity? Are you thinking about coming out or beginning gender transition? Do you have questions about your life and relationships as someone who is not straight or cisgender? 


Your identity development process as someone who is LGBTQ+ is 100% healthy and natural but not always easy, depending upon the level of support available to you in your environment. With this in mind, I offer an approach centered on LGBTQ+ health and wellness with the intention of celebrating and affirming this important part of who you are. 


Therapy for Body Image

Have your thoughts about your body turned critical? Do you find yourself hyper focusing on your flaws to the point of obsession? Is it difficult to relax and enjoy yourself with others- especially during intimate moments? Being content feels an impossibility in this all too common scenario.

It's hard not to value yourself based upon your appearance in our looks obsessed culture, particularly for women and femmes, given harmful gender role expectations. This sets us up for a lifetime of disappointment. Time wasted pursuing dangerous "health and wellness" regimes. Holding ourselves accountable to "beauty standards" that are unattainable for most. I am happy to say, we can find a better way.


Are you ready to try something besides talk therapy to treat past trauma? Does the idea of trusting your body and mind resonate with you? Do you want an evidence based (proven effective) method to do so?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing or EMDR is a proven evidence based treatment method for the resolution of psychological trauma. EMDR is a preferred treatment method of the US army. So, I like to say it's army strong. But, it's not just for combat related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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Contact & What to Expect

Ready to get started? Yay! Let's do this.


Because I'm often in session during the day, the best way to get in touch is to send me a message using this form. Your message goes directly to my inbox! From there, we'll get you scheduled.

Let me know good days and times to give you a call and I'll be in touch with you, soon! 

To prioritize our health and wellbeing, all sessions are being conducted remotely either via secure video session or by phone.