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Issues Treated

Many of my clients struggle with perfectionism, codependence, people pleasing, and low self-esteem. If this sounds like you, I could be a wonderful choice for your therapist! As a woman who has been there, considers herself a cycle-breaker, and has worked with and alongside countless others, I am here to help you overcome these challenges and become the confident, empowered person you long to be! 

Issues like self-esteem can be far reaching and debilitating to your life and relationships. Believe me, I know. But, I also want you to be encouraged, because I regularly see people just like you develop new ways of doing things and new levels of confidence and self-worth. There are absolutely things that we can do to usher in a happier, healthier next chapter. Not to mention, enjoy the process together.

This is not to say that opening up about our struggles comes easy for any of us but, when it's with someone who gets it, it can be transformative. Together, we can help you process through difficult emotions and situations that you haven't been able to sort out on your own. You don't know what you don't know. I may have information that can help! There is no shame in asking for help when you need it. Talking about what's been bothering you and being met with understanding can be a huge relief in and of itself. As your potential therapist, I am rooting for you. And, I'm ready to get to work with you.

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