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Hi There

My clients have reported that our time together has been the most positive experience that they have had in therapy, so far. I believe that this is because I am someone who "gets" stuff like family dysfunction, violence against women, and LGBTQ+ health from day one. There is no fear of judgement or condemnation with me. Only support for finding authentic happiness, defined by you. It's normal to feel nervous about starting therapy. Whether for the first time or with a new therapist (like me). However, if part of you thinks that this is something that could be helpful for you, I invite you to book a session and go from there. You can figure it out one step at a time.


Recent Trainings​

  • Healing Stories-Processing Struggles Through Narrative Therapy Strategies, April, 2023

  • Complex Trauma Certification Training, Jan, 2022-Ongoing  

  • Healing from Racism: Therapist Process Group, Sep, 2020-Sep, 2021

  • The Pain of Trauma: The Psychopharmacology of Physical and Sexual Trauma, Aug, 2020

  • Sex Therapy 101, Feb, 2020

  • Focusing on Emotions: A Trans-diagnostic Approach to Treating Complex Eating Disorders, Dec, 2019

  • Trans 202: Gender Dysphoria: An Introduction of Comorbidity and Clinical Interventions, Nov, 2019

Want to know more about my work? Awesome! Check out this piece about many Colors Counseling featured in The Red and Black, a publication from The University of Georgia.

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