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About Anna Belle

Portrait of the therapist and practice owner in her office.


Hi There

If you are seeking a warm, down to earth, feminist minded therapist who’s good at what she does, you may find me to be a good fit. I have had the honor of seeing clients for over a decade. Many clients report that our time together has been the most positive experience that they have had in therapy, so far. I believe that this is because I love what I do, helping people just like you feel better every day. If part of you thinks that it could be helpful, I invite you to book a session and go from there. Get in touch today. Ready to get started? Book now using my online calendar.

Stack of books with coffee mug sits by a velvet arm chair.

Recent Trainings

  • Healing Stories--Processing Struggles Through Narrative Therapy Strategies, April, 2023

  • Complex Trauma Certification Training, Jan, 2022-Ongoing  

  • Healing from Racism: Therapist Process Group, Sep, 2020-Sep, 2021

  • Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor Training Summit, Feb 2021

  • The Pain of Trauma: The Psychopharmacology of Physical and Sexual Trauma, Aug, 2020

  • Sex Therapy 101, Feb, 2020

  • Focusing on Emotions: A Trans-diagnostic Approach to Treating Complex Eating Disorders, Dec, 2019

  • Trans 202: Gender Dysphoria: An Introduction of Comorbidity and Clinical Interventions, Nov, 2019

Want to know more? Check out this recent piece about my work in The Red & Black and my past online exclusive for Counseling Today.

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