At Home

 support for your mental health from the comfort of your own device

Dear prospective client,

Right about now, you might be wondering, how did I get here? Can I trust this? Will it ever get any better?

Maybe you've recently been through a breakup or breakdown that's left you feeling shaken. Maybe things have been difficult for a long time and you're beyond ready for a breakthrough, wondering if maybe I can help.

I get it. I get the shame, self doubt, sadness, and relentless stress that so often characterizes our experience after abusive, dysfunctional, toxic, or otherwise unhealthy relationships. And, before you go there, yes, there is always someone who had it "worse" and, yet, what you went through is valid and can still have real and lasting impacts on your health and wellbeing. You deserve relief and answers as much as anyone else.

It is entirely possible to turn the tables on what you might be dealing with, right now. You don't have to keep going through the motions on your own, not knowing anything better. It is It's time to expect more from your life and your relationships. This includes finding the right therapist.


I work with people who are tired of guessing what normal is and ready to find their own answers to health and happiness. Yes, you can be yourself. Yes, you can love yourself, your body, and your relationships. And, hell to the yes, you can set boundaries uncrippled by guilt. Are you ready to learn what it's like to actually put yourself first? I would love to help.

How can you be sure that I'll really get it, that I won't be shocked or otherwise ineffective? I'm adulting after dysfunky pro. I know the common scenarios, pitfalls, and the sweet relief of recovery because I live it. And, you can rest assured that our sessions will be a judgment free zone. 


Maybe not too dissimilar from you, I researched this stuff for years, struggling on my own, reading self help books, etc., before ever setting foot in a counseling office. Phew. Those early years were rough. Since then, I've helped myself, I've helped countless others, and I can help you, too.

Am I speaking your language? I'm an expert at helping you "get some confidence, girl" as a classmate once told me. Bring your embarrassing moments and worries into my office. We'll talk through things in a way that leaves you feeling better. Send me a message or request a session here

Wishing you only good things,

Anna Belle