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"I help women and LGBTQ+ individuals find relief and healing." Anna Belle Wood, MA, LPC

Right about now, doubts and judgements might be swirling through your mind. You might be wondering, how did I get here? Who am I kidding? Will it ever get any better? 


Maybe you've recently been through a breakup or breakdown that's left you feeling shaken. Maybe things have been difficult for a long time and you're beyond ready for a breakthrough, wondering if maybe I can help. 

It is entirely possible to turn the tables on the shame, self doubt, and sadness that so often keep us stuck in self defeating patterns.

I've made it my mission to be an informed effective provider to the LGBTQ+ community. Many of my clients are millennials (or aged 27-42) who find themselves adulting after dysfunky or recovering from religious trauma and seeking support navigating the specific set of circumstances that go with it.

Clients commonly come into my office desiring to manage their emotions better or set effective boundaries. Often times, around family and other close relationships. This is precisely where therapy can help.

I sometimes say, "family is the true F word." This is to highlight and normalize just how screwy things can get for adult children of dysfunctional parents--in the twenties and beyond (what I call, adulting after dysfunky). It's not an easy path. 


What I want you to know is, things can get better. Relationships can be healed. Namely, your relationship with yourself--and with others who have both the willingness and capacity for emotional healing. 

Together, we can help you find your voice and connect you with other voices who have been through similar things, which can help you feel less alone and more prepared to handle it (whatever "it" is). My aim is for you to leave our sessions feeling safer, clearer, and more confident in your life.

Just talking about your experience with someone who gets it and is not out to judge or fix you helps. (Sadly, this has not been everyone's experience in counseling, particularly those who have been further wounded by so called "conversion therapy.")

Are you ready to talk about that thing that's been bothering you, about how you're really doing? Let's get to work. The relief and answers you've been searching for are within reach. As we work together, you'll see, I've been there. I've read the books. I've done the therapy. I've offered the therapy.


I got this. And, I can help you, too.


My office is a compassionate and judgement free zone for all of your experience. Get in touch today.

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