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Welcome to Many Colors Counseling


Hi, I'm Anna Belle, the therapist here at Many Colors Counseling. Welcome to the online home of my private therapy practice. 

Dear Prospective Client,

Right about now, doubts and judgements might be swirling through your mind. You might be wondering, how did I get here? Will it ever get any better? Who am I kidding? Maybe you've recently been through a breakup or breakdown that's left you feeling shaken. Maybe things have been difficult for a long time and you're beyond ready for a breakthrough, wondering if maybe I can help. 

Cup of Coffee

It is entirely possible to turn the tables on the shame, self doubt, and sadness that so often keep us stuck in self defeating patterns. You don't have to keep going through the motions on your own, guessing what normal is, and not knowing anything better. Let's get you some relief. I've helped myself, I've helped countless others, and I can help you, too. 

Woman Texting

I've made it my mission to be an informed effective provider to the LGBTQ+ community. There's no need to worry about leaving part of your experience at the door. Are you ready to talk about that thing that's been bothering you, about how you're really doing? My office is a judgement free zone for all of your experience. Get in touch today.

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