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Right about now, you might be wondering, will it ever get any better? Maybe you've recently been through something that's left you feeling shaken. Maybe things have been difficult for a long time and you're beyond ready for a breakthrough, wondering if maybe I can help.


If you are seeking a warm, down to earth, feminist minded therapist who’s good at what she does, you may find me to be a good fit. On a human level, I've been there. I've read the books. I've received the therapy. I've helped countless others. And, I can help you, too. 


My lived experience has given me a laser sharp focus for helping trauma survivors. Specifically, adult children from dysfunctional families. I am particularly able to provide a direct, normalizing, and empowering approach for women and LGBTQ+ people.

It is entirely possible to turn the tables on the shame, self doubt, and sadness that so often keep us stuck in self defeating patterns. You don't have to keep going through the motions on your own, not knowing anything better, guessing what normal is.


You deserve informed effective support. I have been seeing clients in my office for over a decade, where it is my passion to help people just like you feel better every day. Whether you're a new or prospective client or a veteran of therapy, I'm here to help.

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