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woman centered support

Many of us are healing from the effects of living in sexist and misogynistic cultures and families. Perhaps you or someone you know has experienced or witnessed gendered violence such as sexual harassment, assault, or abuse up close. This is a daunting and traumatic reality. But, I am encouraged by my belief in the power of cycle breakers. I take an empowering, intergenerational approach to healing. Clients of all genders who are interested in this type of approach may benefit from meeting with me. I am a trans inclusive provider. 

Young adult with short pink hair using wheel chair uses the computer

Support for LGBTQ+ Health
Are you part of the one half of LGBTQ+ adults who identify as bisexual? If so, you might know that we are less likely be out about our identities. I believe that our differences are beautiful but I also know that they can be a source of stress in our culture. Wherever you are in your identity development is okay. Nobody can tell you whether you are gay, straight, or any other sexual orientation or gender identity but you. When working with transgender and nonbinary clients, I practice the informed consent method. Meaning, I support your right to live in your body as authentically as possible, on a timeline that works for you.  

Support for Adult Children from Dysfunctional Families

Was it abuse? Are your parents toxic? Is it dysfunctional? Was it really that bad? It can be hard to tell. But, one thing is for sure, you deserve to be happy and healthy. If your relationships are hindering your ability to function, it may be time to consider making some changes and putting yourself first. Working with a counselor who is well versed in the ins and outs of family dynamics, especially difficult family dynamics, can help. I will happily cheer you on and be a patient and tireless supporter when the going gets tough as it does when we face our fears and do things differently. On the other side of uncertainty is growth.

Recovery from Religious Trauma

Are you concerned that you raised in a cult, harmful religion, or other high control group? Did the organization demand absolute dedication and compliance from members using the threat of eternal damnation or rejection? Re-evaluating everything you thought you knew is not for the faint of heart. Likely, it wasn't all bad. But, it might have impacted your development in profound ways--some of them harmful. As a secular therapist who has experience working with religious trauma, I can hold space for you to arrive at your own answers as you seek to regain a sense of peace and autonomy in your life. 

Online therapy

Do you have a preference or need to meet remotely? No problem. Clients who wish to meet with me remotely have the option to either meet online by video or over the phone. Video sessions are offered using my secure electronic medical record system. All you have to do is find a private comfortable place to connect and pull up the link (or answer the phone). Please note that according to current regulations governing the field, I am only able to see clients who reside in the state of Georgia. This may change.

In person therapy

Would you like come in? Clients wishing to meet in person will find my peaceful cozy office tucked away in a large office park in west Athens, Georgia. I share an office suite with three other clinicians--all of them lovely and empowering women. It is important to all of us to offer a welcoming space to the clients seeking our care. Our office building features ample parking, a gender neutral restroom, and, in terms of accessibility, there only a few steps to my office (no stairs). I hope you find it a calming place.

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