Adulting After Dysfunky

Is This You?

Are you chronically unhappy? Do you think past trauma could be to blame? Does your family put the fun in dysfunction? Is family the true f word for you? Are your relationships stressful and lackluster? Constantly letting you down?


I get adulting after dysfunky so much so that I’m writing a book on the subject. I can walk you through the pitfalls and the pain of early recovery, through the gains and setbacks of later recovery, and beyond (to lasting relief!).

If our work is successful, you will know in your bones that your worthiness is not up for debate. It never was. (Your inner critic ABSOLUTELY is).

Adulting after dysfunky is about re-evaluating our relationships. Starting with our self view, our relationship views, and our relationship with our body. We must thoroughly inventory and dismantle our dysfunky views, replace them with healthy ones, and completely rework our ability to trust. I can help you do this.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. This is the hardest work of our lives. So, let’s definitely employ a sense of humor. Your tears, laughter, attitude, and every contradictory part of you is a welcome and a necessary part of the journey.

We don’t choose to be here. But, we can get better. I get to help people do this for a living.
If you want someone who can unflinchingly look at your worst fears and heartbreaks with you—and calmly and deliberately guide you to the other side, let’s talk. We’ve got work to do.

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Contact & Getting Started

Getting started is as easy as requesting a session here or using the links to the client portal at the top of this page. Want to ask me something else? Send me a message using this form. I'll be in touch!